Folding Glass

Folding Glass - Glass System

This product fully glazed sliding door is based on an extremely compact and lightweight aluminum profile system for the acceptance of extensive glass elements.

Design Approach

Folding doors and door & window systems consisting of aluminum profiles without thermal break, available in desired measures and suitable for all kinds of applications.  The folding door can optionally be folded inwards or outwards. It can be opened to the left or to the right or from the center. The first panel can be constructed as a door and optionally can be equipped with interior-exterior door handle. This system is available for Folding Doors, Single and Double Panel Applications with Single and Double Openings, Joinery System with Break and Inclined Casing Construction, Single and Double Leaf Doors.

High-quality adjustable rollers guarantee indelibility and comfort of folding doors.

Non-threshold (embedded track) feature of Folding Door panels, provides a visual advantage and increase passing safety. Locking system for Single and Double Panel Doors can be ordered optionally with interior-exterior handle, three-point lock fitting and door closer.

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