SkyFix - Bioclimatic Pergola

SkyFix is a product of Sky family that is specifically designed for use, especially in the residential areas with the winter garden concept.


Design Approach

At SkyFix, the ceiling is manufactured with “Double-Glazing” or “Polycarbonate” panels.   It can be established both as an extension of your house or in your garden, as an independent structure standing on its own feet.  

With their opaque and semi-opaque surfaces, the double-glazing and polycarbonate panels that make up the ceiling concept integrate you with the environment and provides you a delighting living space.   With the side window and door systems that will be integrated into the product, SkyFix can be arranged as a complete winter garden as well.   In addition to that, with SkyFix, an unlimited number of your living area requirements like veranda, car park area and hobby house will be satisfied.   

SkyMatic Pergolas

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