Curved pergolas

Curved pergolas is an elegant and special design that adds value to your space and that is manufactured with rail profiles of radius shaped in different angels. While getting support from the aluminum poles located at the front section of the pergola, at the rear section, with the help of special output flange plates and steel support structure, it provides an opportunity to mount areas like “wall” or “ceiling”. On the frontal pole, the aluminum valley profile, which is placed in a horizontal direction with respect to the product, collects the flowing water with use of the inclination and transfers it to outside via its special water drainage.

With rails given the form of a full radius, both at the front and rear side attached to poles, Curved pergolas is a special application that is given the form of an arch. Curved pergolas has two separate stream profiles, both at the front and rear, that function independently and the water drainage requirement that appears as a result of the arch structure is provided equally from each side.