Bioclimatic pergolas


Bioclimatic pergola “Palmera” is the highest quality and best bioclimatic pergola system on the market. Palmera waterproof, aluminum and automated sun protection system. The system consists of rotary blades, motors, and other profiles made of aluminum.

The system provides protection from the sun during sunny days, and also provides protection from rain and snow. The system is adapted to all user needs in such a way that the system has two modes of movement: rotating around its axis and completely closing and opening the roof. This gives the possibility to choose the amount of sunlight in the space. Because of these options, “Palmera” stands out in the category of bioclimatic pergolas.

Our bioclimatic pergola is equipped with rich equipment to meet the needs of users. Equipment: LED lighting in various colors, rain sensor, wind sensor, snow sensor, somfy motor for moving the pergola.