WPC floors


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A combination of wood and plastic

✔ Natural look
✔ Durability
✔ They are not slippery
✔ They don’t shoot
✔ They do not fall apart
✔ No maintenance costs
✔ They are waterproof
✔ They are resistant to rodents
✔ Simple assembly
✔ They are resistant to high and low temperatures

WPC floors are natural in color and over time take on a slightly different shade – just like wood in nature. They differ from natural wood in that they do not contain resin and do not require maintenance.

WPC floors are environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health, thanks to which you can be sure that you are buying a product with a very low emission of volatile organic compounds.

They are an ideal substitute for wood and as such are most often used as floor coverings for gardens, terraces, swimming pools, yards, beaches, piers, paths for parks and mountain houses.

The combination of wood and plastic has gained great popularity as a safe, environmentally sustainable and long-lasting material for outdoor use.

The role of wood as an integral part of the composite is to ensure proper strength and stability, and plastic is the binding element.

They are processed with ordinary wood tools, and assembly is relatively simple. All boards are knot-free, completely the same color, shape and size, so you don’t have to choose the ideal size before installation.

WPC flooring provides the warm feel of wood without the drawbacks for an open space is an attractive, safe and durable choice.

By choosing WPC floors, you choose better conditions for relaxation, life and fun.